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    1 Week
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    Aeronautical Engineering
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This lab course is designed to introduce the students to create wide exposure on language learning\r\ntechniques regarding the basic elements of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In this lab the\r\nstudents are trained in communicative English language skills, phonetics, word accent, word stress,\r\nrhythm intonation, oral presentations and extempore The students are also taught in terms of seminars,\r\ngroup-discussions, presenting techniques of writing, participating in role plays, telephonic etiquettes,\r\nasking and giving directions, information transfer , debates, description of persons, places and objects\r\netc; . The lab encourages the students to work in a group, engage in peer-reviews and inculcate team\r\nspirit through various exercises on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation games etc. Students will\r\nmake use of all these language skills in academic, professional and real time situations

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