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A young budding entrepreneur, a Team leader, a Teacher and a researcher with a focussed attempt on bringing a change in the education system of the country from the grassroot level. My Initial Years come from a humble family background, my father was an employee in the coal mines and my mother a housewife. I finished schooling from Singareni Collieries School and my Engineering from Osmania University. After my graduation I went through a period of uncertainty and did not know what to do in life. I reluctantly started work with Infosys and I didn’t really enjoy coding or didn’t quite like the `Infosian circuit so-to-speak. So, I sat down to ask myself something: What is it that I would be ready to do even at 3 am on a chilly morning without even being paid for it? One thing where I could utilize all my skills, talent, passion and make a difference. Somewhere along the way I figured out that I had a very strong connection with teaching. I had a strong desire to be a teacher, the best the world has ever seen. If I could choose to do just one thing, I would love to teach all my life. I decided to be a teacher with the single resolution to make every individual maximize and actualize his/her potential.
  • Brithday 1980-11-30

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